Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Strolling Down Memory Lane (Can I Turn Back Now?)

I was going through a couple of things tonight, looking for a good story to tell (that will come later in the week) and found my Senior Year book from high school. I have a post in progress (still in the notebook) about my days as a high school student, but that is not this post.

Paging through the book, I laughed at some of the things I had written during my senior year of high school. The things I told myself to remember, the names that are barely a face anymore. It’s odd to think that the guy I wrote the most about is the one I cared for the least. Except, there are a few pages devoted to a certain someone from the past. Again, that’s a post for another night.

What I wanted to share tonight from this book are two pages titled, "So, What Now?" These pages asked questions (started phrases actually) to prompt me to write about my hopes and dreams. What did I think would happen in my life when I was 18? Prep yourself, it’s funny.

My goal in life is…
…to become a newspaper reporter for a "great metropolitan newspaper" who will travel the world, knowing lots of languages and learning something new everyday. I also hope I can teach and show what I’ve learned with the world.

When I was in eighth grade (13 years old), I had the thought that being a reporter would be the coolest thing ever. This is what I wanted to do. I took a journalism class in high school (the school only offered one). I worked on the school newspaper for a bit. To try and know lots of languages, I took three years of Spanish, two and a half years of German (the reason for the half-year is a post I’m really not ready to revisit yet). I created a family newsletter that ran each month for four years. The entire "great metropolitan newspaper" part is from my thought that I’d somehow become Lois Lane. I never really liked Superman so much, but I had a huge thing for Clark Kent. It’s the glasses. I love men in glasses. They look so cute and smart.

What happened to my journalist aspirations? I did end up going to the University of Minnesota but changed majors almost immediately. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t enjoy journalism, I just found that I enjoyed business. Having been recently hired by NABABNA and finding that I liked the company had something to do with this. Since my first choice college (University of Iowa) ended up an unrealistic possibility (v expensive for a Minnesota girl to go to school in Iowa), I settled for the University of Minnesota and the journalism school just wasn’t as good. So I changed majors.

Summer after senior year I will…
…work and plan for college. I will spend time with my closest friends and hopefully take a trip to Wisconsin.

Well, I did end up working that summer. I also went to orientation at the University of Minnesota. That trip to Wisconsin did happen. I drove to my aunt’s house and two friends of mine went with me. We hung out in a cornfield. I seem to remember going to a local roller skating rink and teaching some people the Macarena dance. There may have also been a Oujia board and a really strange girl from down the road. I will have to remember that story.

My plans after high school…
…go to college. The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, College of Liberal Arts

I did attend the U of MN for a few years. I ended up switching to the business school after my freshman year. I hated the school (should have gone with my initial instinct of the school. I KNEW I didn’t like it there) and quit one semester away from graduating. Yes, this was dumb. But I hated it and I’m happier for where I am now.

My career will be…
…a newspaper reporter

Or not. I am now back to the career dream I had as a child. I’m a banker. Or a team lead who helps bankers. That’s closer to the truth. I know that NABABNA is where I want to keep working, but the actual job may change a few times over the years.

Marriage outlook…
…I want to marry a wonderful man, smart and funny.

I guess I still want to marry a wonderful man. Him being smart is a plus. Him being funny is a must!

Family plans…
…one or two children, hopefully in my mid to late twenties

Crack smokin’. Pure crack smokin’. I have no clues as to what I wish for in the realm of child rearing. I know I don’t have plans to have kids in the next couple of years though.

I’ll drive a…
…Ford Mustang Convertible, purple

Hee hee! I used to like Mustangs because of two guys I hung out with. They were obsessed and it is still the car I can automatically identify. When I purchased my new car, I didn’t even consider a Mustang. That was a dream from my youth and one I no longer hold onto.

I will travel to…
…everywhere in the world!

I still want to do this.


At 8:32 AM, CarpeDM thought...

Well, there is the blog and you are bringing the information about you to the world (at least Portugal) so that sort of meets that goal.

And you've been to Germany and now we're going to PORTUGAL!!!!!!!! YAY!

God, I wonder where my yearbook is...that could be interesting. I can't remember what I wanted to do.