Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year!!!

... I'm debating writing about why I love New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but January 2nd has always been the worst day of every year for me. Hmmm, I'll think about that a moment or two.

New Year's Eve was great! Being the non-alcoholic drinkers the Sheepsheadians are, we opted to meet at our favorite hang-out (Fridleykin's) and played cards for hours. I was able to ring out 2004 and ring 2005 in with my best friends. Who could ask for more than that?

Does anyone know how to post video clips from a digital camera on a blog? I have some funny clips that I'd like to share. Mainly, I'd love to share DM telling us about her favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation moments.

New Year's Eve was filled with laughter and joy. That's all it needed to be. I was able to get out of work about 45 minutes early (SCORE!) and I picked up Matt before meeting Keem and DM at Perkin's. We had a great time. I may post some moments from the evening later.

New Year's Day was awesome. I got up, went to Walgreen's to develop film (518 pictures! OMG, I take too many pictures), and then met Keem and DM at TGIFridays for lunch. Afterwards, we picked up my film and then headed to my apartment for scrapping. I was able to complete quite a few pages (after sorting the 518 pictures) and realized the month of May was the month of karaoke. I managed to not actually take pictures of anything OTHER than karaoke. Oops. But it was fun.

After we scrapped for awhile, Keem, DM, and I played Pictionary. But we didn't play with the board. We each just took turns drawing the items on the cards and tried to guess what the things were. This will be a post in itself. I can say holding my stomach in pain laughter resulted.

Keem and DM stayed over night here. There was a pretty wicked sleet storm yesterday. Mother Nature was actually trying to hurt us with pellets of ice. Ouch! When I woke up, DM was still here. She's going to my dad's with me today. Keem left a few minutes before I awoke I guess. She did tell DM that she had lots of fun. I'm glad.

And now it is January 2nd. I hate this day every year. Nothing bad has happened yet, however I'm sure something will soon. Why do I hate January 2nd? Here's a list:

1. On 1-2-00, my parents decided it was time to let me know they were getting a divorce. They had not fought ever in front of me and this was quite unexpected. What also helped was that they decided to tell me as I was walking out the door to go to work. I had to leave in 2 minutes. This day sucked.

2. On 1-2-01, the clutch on my old car, Foxy, decided to kick the bucket. After a week and $1200, I had Foxy back.

3. On 1-2-02, nothing too bad actually happened. I'm pretty sure I had evil escalated calls that day though. I know that Adam had overslept and freaked me out by not answering his phone or showing up for work for 5 hours. I also got into a huge fight at the pool hall that day. (Verbal, not a fist fight. I keep meaning to post about my actual fist fight. That was funny.)

4. On 1-2-03, I was living with Adam. It was the first New Year's Eve/Day that we lived together. Adam had gone to a New Year's Eve party and got quite tipsy. He then ended up not showing up to ring in the New Year with Keem, DM, and I. January 2nd happened to be the day we had the huge fight over this. This fight actually involved him slamming the door to his room and the first time I actually was angry enough to tell him to shut up and listen.

5. On 1-2-04, I managed to get into ANOTHER fight with Adam. I'm thinking I won't even call him today.

Granted, the last three years have not been as bad, but January 2nd always keeps me on my toes for bad events.

Now, I'm not trying to increase my hit counter with this at all. I've been keeping a list of the search strings that managed to pull up my site. Why? Because they scare me. Some are not so bad. Some have horror story potential.

Not so bad:

Senior pictures in Minnesota
How to make wopatui
Grace before wedding meal
Define Sheepshead
Scrooge will bill murray quote
"Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did" song

Could go either way (scary or non-scary):

Photograph of Keem (it was spelt as Keem. That's why I'm curious.)
Squishing bugs
Girls squishing bugs
Men squishing bugs

Where it gets frightening:

Erotic gay stories
Embarrassing enema stories
Tight, pink shorts
Adult enema stories & pictures
Girlfriend having affair with boyfriend's best friend (amazingly enough, this one pulled up the story of "How did I end up on a date with Pete?")
Lioness pussy pictures (I'm not sure if this person was actually looking for Johnny or they were into beastiality. Either way, this was a disturbing search. Searching for Johnny isn't bad, but searching for pictures of that part of Johnny is not nice to Johnny. Don't do it!)
Erotic stories of mommie and son (sick, sick, sick!)
Stories of werewolves having sex (why did they find me? Why didn't they find DM? I think she talks about werewolves and sex more than I do.)

And finally:

Wife submissive rough sex watch shave hot stories

I'm going to curl into the fetal position now and hide for a bit.

Actually, DM and I are going to my dad's in a bit and then to karaoke. I hope that everyone has had a happy and safe New Year so far.


At 3:07 PM, CarpeDM thought...

I forgot about the Star Trek NG moment. That was fun trying to explain it. Not so fun was the weird woman sitting behind us listening to every word we said. But then we do eavesdrop a bit for blogging material. Oh, great, I'm probably on the weird woman's blog now as Star Trek NG nerd #1.

I love how the top 5 reasons why January 2nd sucks for you has 3 seperate years being about Adam. He would love that. Since it's all about him. Although I'm sure his parents getting divorced is much more traumatic than yours. Just ask him. I'm sure he'll tell you it was. By the way, I'm sorry that those days have sucked for you. That's very sad. Hopefully the worst thing that will happen today is that there isn't any limes at The Chalet.

Did I ever mention werewolves having sex? I'm sure I talked about zombies and vampires but werewolves? Although Meat Loaf sings a song that makes them quite hot. "On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses." Hell yeah. God, I love Meat Loaf.

The last one, instead of being scary to me, made me laugh hysterically. That is one sick dude, dude.

I'm glad I started out the New Year with you and Keem and Matt. Way cool.

Peace, Joy and may your Diet Coke always have lime.

At 3:10 PM, CarpeDM thought...

And I didn't mean to sound so harsh about Adam. It was more of a joke. Kind of mean but dammit, I keep telling you people I'm a bitch.

Okay, Beth, for you I'll say Peace, Joy and may your Coke never have ice.

At 8:26 PM, Matt thought...

Little Sister,
The last search had me laughing, and shaking with fear, and you know how hard that is to do. The other ones had me laughing, way hard. I am a little confused about the whole werewolves having sex thing, and the absolutely disturbing thought of someone wanting to see enema pictures. Icky icky icky.......
Hope to see you later tonight, I will see what happens, until then, later.
Big Brother

P.S. I also had a great time ringing in the new year with you and Keem and DM, that was fun. Of course nothing was as great as being able to embarrass me by having to explain to more than two people the story of Riley and his conceivement, and the fact that Alli checked out her Dad's butt. That was priceless.