Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Right before Christmas, I purchased some CDs. I know, I know, it's normally customary to wait until AFTER you don't get the CDs for Christmas to buy them, but I'm an impulse shopper. I think I've mentioned this before. (Oh yeah, read this post.)

One of the CDs I bought ended up staying in the plastic wrap, waiting for me to discover the sounds burned into the plastic disc. Tonight, while at work, I was working on a project and wanted to clear my head from certain distractions. (If I can hear other people, I tend to jump up and answer questions and therefore keep putting off this project.) I had thrown the CD in my purse before entering the building tonight and I decided to listen to the CD.

The album I listened to is, "the dana owens album" by Queen Latifah. I've heard three of the songs from this album as live versions. The entire album is AMAZING. I love it. Just fabulous.

If you get a chance to hear it, take the chance. It's jazzy and soft, but it's so relaxing and calming. If I know you IRL and you'd like to hear it, let me know.


At 8:45 AM, CarpeDM thought...

Hmm, do I want to hear this CD? Let me think.YES!

Hopefully you will play it tomorrow when we are scrapbooking!

Yay! Scrapbooking! Have fun at the dentist.