Monday, January 17, 2005

"Normal Hours are For Normal People"

- Paris Hilton on The Tonight Show (some months back)

Do you know how distracting it is to sing karaoke when Paris Hilton is on the big screen T.V. across the bar? Throw in random images of a Planet of the Apes like ape (Monkey!) and it all goes to holy hell.

It was Sunday and yet again, DM and I made our way out to The Chalet. The Vikings (Minnesota football team) played an early game in the playoffs and lost (Yes! No more major football talk until the horrible Super Bowl). The winter wind was still blowing outside (it was a lovely -10 tonight, yippie), so the crowd at The Chalet was small at the beginning, even with many people having Monday off work for Martin Luther King Day.

Interesting sights were everywhere, such as watching Bryan shuffle around with "the bouncer," a Slam Man dressed up as a Philly Eagles fan. Maybe the dummy didn't lose it all on the football game today. Yea, football.

When DM and I entered the bar, we found our regular table occupied. The horrors! We're nice though and don't throw up a fuss. No, instead we sit at the table closer to the wall and the chilly draft keeps me awake and perky throughout the night. Michael was there again, he brought a date! It was fun to meet Kay, a nice woman who also sings.

The group occupying our regular table proceeded to drink as much alcohol as they could consume, favoring shots made of Jagermiester and Red Bull. The thought of mixing bubble gum and black licorice is not one I would relish. Although extremely drunk people tend to annoy us, this group was pretty funny. The entire bar was dancing around (even in their seats, as was my case) and we got to laugh a bit.

I tried audioblogging again with my new cell phone. Now that I'm home, I realize it's not so great. I'm leaving the clips here, but I'm not offended if no one listens to them. I guess karaoke and audioblogging just don't make a heavenly match.

I know there were funny things from the night, but my brain has shut off right about now. I've been reading my employment law text quite a bit for the last few days and I think my head just needs a rest. I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to being numb for hours tomorrow afternoon. What a way to end my weekend. Ick.


At 12:13 PM, CarpeDM thought...

You forgot the fact that I thought Joe at the next table with the curly hair and sideburns was kind of cute.

Really, really drunk but kind of cute.

How come I found him attractive but JT completely grossed me out? Maybe it's because I couldn't smell the beer wafting out of his pores.