Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I know, I know, too much posting, right?

Yes, this is post #5 of my last day of the weekend. I'm sure that by posting even more tonight, I'm probably creating an overload and all, but I was listening to some music and I wanted to share a couple of songs.

The artist I was listening tonight is Marc Cohn. He tends to have softer, almost bluesy music. Maybe he's considered rock. The lines are so undefined in today's music world.

On his self titled album (which is a really great album BTW), there are two songs that hit me. One I understand and I adore. The other is one I'm not entirely sure of the message.

The song I adore:

True Companion

Baby I've been searching like everyone else
Can't say nothing different about myself
Sometimes I'm an angel
And sometimes I'm cruel
And when it comes to love
I'm just another fool
Yes, I'll climb a mountain
I'm gonna swim the sea
There ain't no act of God girl
Could keep you safe from me
My arms are reaching out
Out across this canyon
I'm asking you to be my true companion
True companion
True companion

So don't you dare try and walk away
I've got my heart set on our wedding day
I've got this vision of a girl in white
Made my decision that it's you alright
And when I take your hand
I'll watch my heart set sail
I'll take my trembling fingers
And I'll lift up your veil
Then I'll take you home
And with wild abandon
Make love to you just like a true companion
You are my true companion
I got a true companion
True companion

When the years have done irreparable harm
I can see us walking slowly arm in arm
Just like the couple on the corner do
'Cause girl I will always be in love with you
And when I look in your eyes
I'll still see that spark
Until the shadows fall
Until the room grows dark
Then when I leave this Earth
I'll be with the angels standin'
I'll be out there waiting for my true companion
Just for my true companion
True companion
True companion

The song I'm trying to figure out:

Strangers in a Car

There's a stranger in the car
Driving down your street
Acts like he knows who you are
Slaps his hand on the empty seat and says
"Are you gonna get in
Or are you gonna stay out?"
Just a stranger in the car
Might be the one they told you about

Well you never were one for cautiousness
You open the door
He gives you a tender kiss
And you can't even hear them no more --
All the voices of choices
Now only one road remains
And strangers in a car
Two hearts
Two souls
Two lanes

You don't know where you're goin'
You don't know what you're doin'
Hell it might be the highway to heaven
And it might be the road to ruin
But this is a song
For strangers in a car
Baby maybe that's all
We really are
Strangers in a car
(Driving down your street)
Just strangers in a car
(Driving down your street)
Strangers in a car

What are your thoughts? I don't want to share what I think of the lyrics yet because I don't want to sway what others think of first. Honest opinions of the lyrics are welcomed. Thank you in advance.


At 8:26 AM, CarpeDM thought...

I like both of these songs. True Companion is just a great song about love and companionship that reaches into the heart.

Strangers in the car is weird. You think it's about some complete stranger and all the worries about talking to strangers comes back to you. What is he going to do to you? You know what I mean?

But I don't think it's about that. I think it's about Love and how you have to take some chances to really get anywhere. Even when you don't know where you're going, you have to take that chance.