Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Going through "the Motions" - imagine the quotes emphasized with the help of body language

"My eyelids said 4:30, but the radio clock said six and I was thinking of a reasonable excuse." - Cowboy Mouth, Louisiana Lowdown

It does not matter how much REM I get a night, I am still not a morning person. I never have been and I most likely never will be. It also never fails that when my alarm clock goes off, I hit the snooze button as quickly as possible and curl back up in the comfort of my warm blankets. If I ever meet a man, fall in love, and decide to live with/marry him and I find out he's a morning person, I might kill him.

Now, I am not a morning person, but I'm not as bad as some when it comes to just waking up. It normally takes me about twenty minutes to function properly and turn on my brain.

This morning was no exception. When I finally got out of bed, I headed to the living room to turn on the computer and check my email. I sat there, staring at the screen, trying to register the information. In an effort to heighten my senses, I decided to try the shower. Here's where I realized I was still not fully-functional.

In my brilliancy, I put my towel on the floor as a bath mat and then grabbed the actual bath mat, started drying myself off, and THEN got into the shower with the bath mat. This was the moment I thought, "Oh, I need a Coke. I really, really need a Coke."

I ran out of soda at home. This is a problem, yes, I know. I also ran out of this fitness water crap that makes me feel like I ate something really bad for me. So yesterday I was thirsty and I kept refilling this empty water bottle with water from the tap. I drank water. This is quite unusual. I don't LIKE water.

What I noticed about water is that it's very easy to drink. This should not be a shocker, but it was to me. I ended up drinking 85 oz. of water yesterday without much effort involved. I may just hit my New Year's Resolution yet.

What is the recommended water intake for an adult female? Does anyone know? I remember hearing something about 8 glasses of water a day, but then I think I heard something about drinking your body weight in ounces. I should find out.

Have to head off to work now. At least I'm more awake now!


At 4:10 PM, CarpeDM thought...

If it is ounces, I am in trouble. I should drink at least 40 8 ounce glasses of water a day. I think I would drown.

At 6:53 PM, Wandering Coyote thought...


I think it's at least 6 but as many as 8 8oz glasses per day. If you can get one of those water bottles everyone sells that contains 16 fluid ounces or 500mL, drink 3 of them a day. I know when you visualize 6 or 8 glasses it seems like a lot. Your body will thank you, though!

At 12:05 PM, The Lioness thought...

Crappy days suck. yes, it should be at least 8 glasses. I find water very hard to drink for some reason. Blah.