Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In Good Company

A few hours have passed since I checked my email and I've relaxed a bit. I do want to share with everyone my thoughts on a movie.

Tonight, DM, Keem, and I went to see In Good Company, starring Topher Grace and Dennis Quaid.

The movie is fairly simple. An older man, played by DQ, is replaced at work by a younger man. He doesn't lose his job, but he's demoted in the company. The younger man, played by TG, starts to admire and almost idolize the older man.

When we left the theater, I commented to DM and Keem that the movie reminded me of About A Boy. While looking for links, I found out why I had such a similar feeling. The movie was directed by the same man, Paul Weitz.

In it's simplicity, the movie intrigued me. There are no overly dramatic moments, the action in the movie is minimal, and it focuses on characters. I enjoyed watching the character played by TG grow up a bit and finally start to evaluate where he wanted to go in life.

It's not a laugh riot, it's not a tear-jerker, it's not really a date movie, and it's not a blockbuster, action filled adventure. It's just a simple story about a man dealing with life and teaching a younger man how to live in the process.

I enjoyed it. I will be buying it on DVD when it comes out. It surprised me by being better than I had thought. I am also really starting to enjoy Topher Grace as an actor.