Friday, January 21, 2005

Winter Wonderland

Living in Minnesota, you learn to deal with two seasons. Winter and Road Construction. (Yes, very old, cheesy, corny, horrible joke, but it's pretty true.) There are some things I love about Minnesota and some things I don't. I don't particularly like hot, humid summer days. I don't enjoy it when it's -20 outside in the winter either.

I do, however, love snow. I love it when all the trees are coated with in dusty white flakes. I love it when piles of snow are sitting there, crisp and clean and even. I love big, fat snowflakes that you can catch on your tongue. I love it when a cute guy has snow flakes on his eyelashes. I love seeing children running outside in snowsuits where they can barely move and when they fall down it doesn't hurt because of all the padding.

This winter has been of the cold variety. Usually, we only have one or two really cold weeks a year. They are usually during January. Shocking to my system, the cold snapped in during December and the sad part of cold is that it doesn't snow. All the grass dies and the ground just looks barren, lonely, and no one plays outside. Christmas decorations just don't look the same if the lights are not reflecting off of layers of sparkling white.

Up until today, we had under two inches of snow TOTAL for the winter. Then we finally got the storm I've been wanting.

Yes, I wanted a snow storm. Why? It's pretty!

I have not heard a total at all and this snow storm is not overly bad. If I had to guess-ti-mate, I'd say we got between 4 and 6 inches of snow. That's really not much, but it's so much fun!

On my first break tonight, I ran outside to play in the snow. I hopped along, jumping into mounds of untrampled snow. Then I was sad that it didn't look as fluffy and soft as before, but I still ran to another mound, enjoying the feeling of landing into the snowy goodness.

Yes, I said snowy goodness. On that break, I also ran around saying, "Snowy, snowy, snow!" Adam laughed at me. He doesn't love the snow as much as I do. The fact he doesn't live 3 miles from work may have something to do with it. When I got back into the building, I went to the vending machine and bought an ice cream cone. For some reason, it just seemed fitting to me.

When work was over, I went out to my car and cleaned it off. I jumped around in the piles of snow, not minding at all that it came up past my boots and soaked the bottoms of my blue jeans. I was having too much fun. I tried to convince my supervisor to have a "King of the Hill" challenge on the piles of snow the plows were building up in the parking lot. I giggled as I wiped off snow from my car.

Driving home was not a problem for me at all. My new car rides higher up than Foxy did and so it's a little easier to make it through the ruts and piles the plows leave behind. I'm fighting the urge to run outside now and make snow angels. Doing that at 1 in the morning may be a little crazy though. I am hoping I can take some time this weekend to get out to a park or a river and take pictures of the snowfall. That's something I want to do every year and never do.

My mom called to tell me that Taco had been outside playing in the snow. When he came in, he was covered in snow! Our little black dog was all white! She wrapped him up in a towel and held him until he dried off and warmed up. Chip always loved it when it snowed. When he was a puppy, Taco could run circles around him during the spring, summer, and fall. Then when it snowed, Chip had the advantage. His legs are longer and he just bounds around the backyard and you can just see him laughing and loving it.

While looking for snow related pictures on my hard drive, this is the only one I found. I hope you enjoy. It's over 50 years old, but it's my dad.

Terry snow

Coming tomorrow, a post dedicated to a person from my past and maybe the conclusion of a story I have touched on, but never gave full justice.


At 6:06 PM, Matt thought...

I know the feelings that you have about the snow, I myself doth love it as well. I also look for the untouched snow and love to jump in it, it is so much fun. For abrief second or five I do feel bad because I did disturb the untouched part of nature that is beautiful, as I am seeking out the next pile to jump into. I am a snow desecrater, and I do not care. Oh well, I loved this post and that is a great picture of your dad, I love finding old pictures, they are so much fun. The one thing that I really loved about your post was this line:

"I love it when snow flakes land on a cute boys eyelashes"

I thought that was a fantastically written line, I love it. I hope to see you later, I have afeeling that I will. I will talk to you later, take care Little Sister.
Be good.
Big Brother

At 6:55 PM, The Lioness thought...

I like the memory of snow better, took a walk w dog today, too warm for a coat even, *blissful sigh*. You mean to tell me I WAS in Canada when GOD KNOWS IT WAS SNOWING and I missed the whole snow-on-eyelashes bit??? Oh bloody hell! very very cute pic of your dad.

At 8:44 AM, CarpeDM thought...

I like to twirl in the snow. It is very fun to have snowflakes fall on your face while you twirl. Then you get dizzy and might fall down.

The time it snowed before this? I made a really tiny snowman & Keem and I put him up by the windshield to see if he would make it home. He did. But then he melted in the parking ramp. It was sad.