Friday, January 07, 2005

Sitting at home and not doing much

It's official. I took my first sick day of 2005. It seems so lame to not go to work because of this stupid tooth. I think that's what bothers me the most.

The pain is not bad right now but that's because I'm pretty well drugged up. The side effect? The medication makes me dizzy and nauseous. I tend to lay down a lot. One of the pamphlets I was given suggested drinking Coca-Cola (flat) to help with the nausea. It does help a little. Also not being too active helps.

My cheek is swollen. I look like I got into a fight or something (minus black eyes of course).

I've found I can sit and I feel okay. It's the getting up and walking around that makes me feel a little icky. Oh, and I'm hungry. Except I can't eat any hard foods. I want mashed potatoes but I don't have any here. And I can't drive (medication actually says I should be careful driving). I guess I could drive, but the energy of getting ready to go out seems like it would cause me pain.

It is getting better than yesterday. But that might just be because I am on pain killers. And they're not even fun pain killers.

I did not have the same effect my mom did with this type of medicine. She said she always got nightmares from it. I didn't do that, but I did have odd dreams. Not scary, just illogical. More so than normal. I can't remember them right now though. Like it would matter.

DM - please give me a call when you get out of work. I know we have plans for tonight with Keem and I can talk to you on the phone about them. I'm okay to stay home and sit in a chair, so if you still want to scrap and watch movies or listen to music, I can handle that. In fact, I'd appreciate the company. I'm going stir crazy and I can't go out.

So this is just an update I guess. I'm not sure if anyone wanted to know, but I wrote it anyway.


At 5:46 PM, CarpeDM thought...

I wanted to know. I sent you an email at work asking if you were there. Not that you could respond to it.

I'll call you in case you don't check this. Keem is working until 7 and then we're headed home. She is sick and is not able to go tonight. She's losing her voice and is feeling completely crappy. So, if you can't drive, I don't see how I'll be able to get out there. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you had to call in but you shouldn't be beating yourself up for it. These things happen.

I hope you feel better soon. I'll call you the minute we walk out the door.

At 12:36 PM, Matt thought...

Little Sister,
I am sorry that you do not feel good, that is never a fun time. I am also sick, and sorry I did not call you back last night. I actually went to sleep real early, after dowing a lot of Nyquil. I still feel sick and I am going to have a very down day today, and will probally go to sleep early again tonight. I hope you are feeling better, and as DM said, don't beat yourself up over taking a day off, we all need one, especially when pain is involved.
Take it easy,
Big Brother