Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Stuff

I don't have much to post tonight. I did want to mention that I updated the categories for my site. I haven't gotten into December yet, but I will eventually.

I'm supposed to wear work out clothing to work tomorrow. There is NO WAY I'm wearing tennis shoes. I can't walk in them. I'm going to wear big black boots, just like I always do. (Okay, I'm not wearing the boots from that link, but I'm wearing big black boots.)

I'm working on a post that tells another story of when I was little. It's not ready yet. Why? Because I keep scrapbooking each night. But I did some cute pages!

It's late (early for most) and iTunes is playing the last song of my playlist. Ah, I love this song.

I have mixed emotions about Thursday. I have the day off of work. This is joyous fun. What is not joyous fun is the reason I have the day off of work. But maybe that pain will go away (oh, it better go away). I'm visiting the dentist to see if he can remove a wisdom tooth. Not fun. Not fun AT ALL.

Good night (morning to most).


At 9:28 AM, CarpeDM thought...

Sleep well, Beth.

Why are you wearing work out clothing to work? I am confused.

Stop scrapbooking! If you keep scrapbooking, you won't have anything to do when Keem and I come over.

Good luck with the dentist. Maybe he will give you lots of fun nitrous oxide and when you wake up, you can tell the nurse (I can't spell hygenist. If that is right, it is a fluke) that the dentist is the Elven King, leading his subjects to safety. Because that's what I did the last time I had a tooth removed.