Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Tonight, when I was visiting my dad, I was given a copy of a newspaper story from 1966. It was an interview of fans at a hockey game. One of the people interviewed was my great-grandmother, Mae Cool. I had always known her as Nana and I do miss her. She passed away in 1991. It was my first experience in dealing with the death of a family member. When my dad gave me this story tonight, I smiled and remembered her. It is fun and shows a bit of who she was. I hope you enjoy.

Question: Why are you a hockey fan?

Answer: Mrs. Perry Cool, 67, of Waterloo: "Because it's a good clean game to watch, except when they get into fights and that's what I like best, I guess, because of all the excitement. I used to live near the Iowa River when I was a kid and we used to use a tin can and a broom to play hockey. I guess I've just never outgrown it. My family got me started coming to hockey games five years ago and I've missed very few of them since then. I have two grandsons in the junior hockey program here and this helps keep me interested in it."

One of those grandsons was my father. My dad was great at hockey. When I was very young, I remember my dad getting ready to go to games. I have an old picture from a newspaper of him refereeing a game and breaking up a fight. That also makes me smile.


At 8:41 AM, CarpeDM thought...

That's a good memory. I love the fact that your grandmother liked the fights best. She would so totally get the fact that 3000 Miles From Graceland is a chick flick.