Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sappy Stories

Every few days, my mom will send me an email with updates about what the pets are doing at home. I'm not typically a huge fan of pet stories, however I enjoy her little stories because I do care about these animals. One of our dogs is getting pretty old (17 1/2) and I like to know how he's doing. It helps me.

Today I opened my email to find a note titled, "A couple pet stories." It's cute and I want to share a little of it. It helps give a picture of who my mom is and how much these creatures mean to her life.

My mom has a heel spur on her foot. She went to the doctor two days ago about this. They gave her some pain medication and some rest instructions. One of the things to do is to have a heating pad on her foot while she sleeps. Here's what she wrote about it, "I went to bed with the heating pad on my foot again last night. Not just once, but twice, I woke up to find my legs pushed aside and Mac curled up on the nice warm heating pad spot! Man, I am such a pushover!"

"[Woman my mom works with] tells people how I could take one of the most pathetic abused dogs from the 'Homeward Bound Rescue' and in 2 weeks it would be crabbing at me if supper was 5 minutes late! You think?" Yes, I do think this. She spoils all the pets. But that's fine by me. They love her and she loves them.

"Taco [the 17 1/2 year dog that doesn't see very well anymore so he sits in a playpen until Mom can take him outside] was coming down to breakfast yesterday morning. He is actually doing his little 'leap of joy' again.* So he was launching himself off the second step and Smoke saw him. Smoke was on the rug in front of the steps to the family room. He takes off, maybe thinking Taco is ready to play, and meets Taco in mid-air. I'm not sure if he just touched Taco's shoulder or actually pushed off. Taco managed to land OK and Smoke ended up on the second step - where Taco started from!"

*The "leap of joy" is how Taco comes down the stairs. He is extremely careful on each step, watching to make sure his footing is correct. When he gets to the second to the bottom step, he does this little leap to the bottom. Then he's all happy and excited. It's really cute.

"Taco got out of bed right after we headed in last night. I knew he had been outside so I figured he just wanted a drink of water or a treat. I went to sleep. About 12:30, I woke up to use the bathroom. Taco had never come back up the ramp to bed. He was asleep on the floor in front of the treat bowl. But this is the good part - Chip had shifted in the bed so he was looking off the end of the bed at Taco. He was keeping an eye on Taco even when he was going to be sleeping!"

Chip is awesome that way. Taco is his hero, his idol, his big brother. Chip always makes sure he knows where Taco is and if Taco is not feeling well or in the playpen, Chip makes sure he's nearby, keeping him company.

The stories made me smile.


At 6:52 PM, Matt thought...

Your mom is something else. I so agree with your Dad when he said that he wants to come back and live a life as one of your mom's dogs. These were very nice, warming stories to read, I loved them. I hope everything is going good for you, I am feeling better finally, but work has me drained each day I get done. I'm sorry that I haven't called lately. Hope to be able to talk to you soon, take Little Sister.
Big Brother

At 8:28 AM, CarpeDM thought...

I love hearing the stories of the pets (or your brothers).

Oh, leap of joy. That's so cute.