Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All is Well in the Land of Nod

It seems my ability to post each night has slipped. Taken a holiday, you might say. Nothing is wrong. There are a couple of noteworthy things to write about. In fact, there are notes for a couple of posts in my little notebook that holds a place in my purse. I do feel a bit like I've been asleep when it comes to blogging as of late, but we all need our rest.

The most important news is the fact my mom is out of the hospital, on the road to recovery. Her hip replacement surgery went well and without a problem last Friday. She moved from the hospital to a nursing home today. She hates the home, but with two dogs and two cats who love to be around her, she needs a bit of time to recover without worrying about them getting under foot. Scott says the animals are all like zombies, sad that she is not home. Sure, they still get their meals, but they do love her more than anything else.

I visited my mom tonight at the home. She hates it there. I don't blame her. It is quite the experience to walk into a nursing home. We spoke about her time off from work to recover. Since I work nights and she doesn't need to go to work, I may go over to her place after work to spend some time in the next few weeks. That would be nice.

Sorry for missing many posts as of late. I'll be around to visit on Tuesday or Wednesday night. I hope all is well!