Monday, February 11, 2008

Colorful Words

Yes, colorful words. As in the ones I just yelled loudly at 1:30 am in my apartment. It was a simple chain reaction, but as I was heating up leftovers, I emptied the plastic dish onto one of my plates. In this, I managed to drip gravy on the floor. Simple, right? So, I grab for the paper towels. This knocks over the wire rack I have on top of my refrigerator. Which sends (amongst a bag of torilla chips and a very large container of vinegar (why do I have so much vinegar?)) a beautiful, footed crystal bowl crashing to my kitchen floor. It was not unbreakable.

Crap. Now I have added "mop" to my things to buy at the store. I want to make sure to get all the little pieces of glass picked up.

Oh, and my food got cold. I had to reheat it. Argh!

Hey, look at that, two posts in two days! Not bad, huh?