Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dads are Great

A typical Monday finds me heading to my mom's house for conversation, dinner, and a bit of television. That wasn't this typical Monday. Mom is out of town for work and instead of heading to her house, I spent the day with my dad.

My dad is terrific at teaching me how to do things around the house. For example, when a good deal comes around and you get a new stove for $10 but it is a gas stove and your prior stove is electric, Dad knows how to find the right pieces at the hardware store to pipe the gas up. He has all the fancy wrenches and even had this pipe glue stuff that makes the pieces fit tightly together.

Dad also knows how to help pick out some fancy new (I cannot believe I'm going to type this) window treatments for my living room. The awful curtains are gone - well, they will be once Thursday comes along and the garbage truck makes a visit. Dad suggested pulling a Scarlett and making a dress, but even she couldn't turn these curtains into a fashionable getup. That, and the fact I don't wear dresses.

Dad did forget one thing today. While working on the pipes, he turned off the gas to the house. We shut off the furnace and thermostat while the gas was off and that was good. After he turned back on the gas (main line to the house), he told me he turned the furnace back on.

He did, sort of. Dad turned the power to the furnace back on and turned the thermostat back on. After 4-5 hours and layers of blankets, I tried to figure out why the temperature of the house kept dropping when the furnace was supposedly on. That's when I discovered that the gas was turned off to the furnace.

We're supposed to get quite a bit of snow tomorrow (Tuesday). The forecast was 6+ inches. Not looking forward to that much white fluff, but at least it's not that cold out.

Hope all is well.