Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Moments of Kurka

How does one so little take up an entire bed? How many holes does the backyard need? How can such a small ball of fur bring so much joy?

Kurka does not like it when Mama types at the computer. This act does not bring enough attention to the spoiled little sweetheart.

As I write, there is a puppy on the back of the couch, standing on his hind legs, and reaching around my neck on both sides with his fore legs. Warm puppy on my neck is a great feeling as December's wind chills the view out the window. I guess I can put up with the boy trying to chew my hair out of the bun it is in.

I love how he wants to touch at all times. I love when he decides to hide his treats around the house and then whine when Mama gets a little too close to the hiding spot. I love that he still can't figure out how to jump off the bed or on it, but when he forgets his fear, he can do it just fine.

I love watching him run, watching him figure out how to get in his favorite spot, and watching him wake up from a deep sleep. Listening to him dream (and kick me in the process!) is joyous.

Kurka makes my world a wonderful one.