Thursday, August 03, 2006

Picture Madness

Well, besides school, my activities have included cleaning my apartment, listening to iTunes, going to karaoke*, and playing with pictures. Since I've learned a few more things in Photoshop, I've been eager to experiment on various pictures from DM & I's trip to Portugal last year. Can you tell I have a major case of Wanderlust?

Here's some of the recent pictures:

Fisherman on the river, looking at Alfama tile worktile work at Santa LuciaShe looksOcean SprayOcean CoastFlying Proudboats in the harborlooking out the window at the symbol of Lisbon
Can you tell where I eliminated the power line from this shot?
moodfaded memories of Lisbon
There are more on Flickr and I obviously went a bit extreme with some of these.

My template has been bugging me lately. I feel the need to update it, change it, start over, I don't know. I'm looking for any suggestions. Anything that bothers you? Any pictures you think would make a good banner? What do you think my banner should represent? This urge hits me at least twice a year and I can't believe how long I've waited.

*Ruth asked a couple of questions about karaoke. I'll try to answer them.

"What do you sing?" Um, let me get the list out. I try new stuff once in awhile, but my standard list includes: Son of a Preacher Man, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Total Eclipse of the Heart, You Can Call Me Al, All That Jazz, Different Drum, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?, and Mad About You. This last Sunday I tried a couple of Doors songs and realized that I grew up on that music, so it was easy to sing.

"What about taking away karaoke?" This question was in response to a MEME about giving up certain things. There is no price that will make me give up karaoke. It's my social outlet.

"Do you sing by yourself?" 95% of the time. Once in awhile there will be a group that sings happy birthday or something like that, but usually I sing alone.

"Do they have private rooms for just you and your friends like they do in Japan, or are you all in the public eye?" There's no private rooms. It's a bar. We all sing in front of anyone in the bar.