Monday, July 31, 2006

Birthday at the Chalet

DM and I have come to the conclusion that a rating system to measure the "weirdness" at karaoke needs to be created. We can use it to measure events outside of the Chalet, such as shrunken head man.

What we've determined so far:
10 - Top weirdness - Shrunken head man;
9.5 - Bikini wearing woman (I haven't posted this. Two Thursdays ago, a woman wandered around in the bar in her bikini.)
9 - How did I end up on a date with Pete?;
8.5 -
8 - Char's tires being stolen;
7.5 -
7 - 4-inch p*nis man;
6.5 - Crack Smoker;
6 - Dude, stop drinking bleach;
5.5 - Air guitar man;
5 - Ketchup dancer;
4.5 - CSI: Chalet;
4 - Craig's truck being stolen;
3.5 -
3 - Chalet Lockdown #2;
2.5 - DM & I drunk (weird for the fact we were drinking, but nothing overly unusual happened that night);
2 -
1.5 -
1 - Normal day, nothing odd at all

We're trying to determine quite where the night of Angie's birthday falls. Place your votes after the photo essay.

Angie and B-day balloons
The birthday girl, now 25 years old.

Birthday Cake
There was cake.

It ended up on Angie.

Shannon touches Amy
Shannon and Amy, taking pictures of Angie

Stoobs, Becky, and Jamie (1)Strokin'Amy singingI sing You Can Leave Your Hat On
There was singing.

Bar patron
And creepy men who kept hitting on the women, not backing off when they were told no.

No Human Jenga
Who then fell asleep. Human Jenga was banned rather quickly.

Pictures of the argument immediately after this man awoke are not taken. Then he started touching Becky. I believe he offered her $150. This did not go over well. Another rule was made, "If you need immediate action, do not ask Andrew." It took three hours for this man, who was fall down drunk, to leave the bar.

Degrees of Separation Game
A game of figuring out other actors and actresses that were in a Brittney Spears movie was started. (Something to do with 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.)

Bryan is quite scary wearing this hat, shaped like a birthday cake hat.

Dana forks Stoobs
And DM forked Stoobs.

Happy Birthday Angie!