Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Weekend Everyone!

It is nice that it is Friday now. This is a short week for most Americans. I'm going to work tonight and Saturday night, as usual, but enjoy the fact that my work week is really only 3 days. Pretty nice.

Still learning things in Photoshop here. Nice, cheap hobby. It costs nothing to take the digitial pictures and I have the software and service for Flickr already. (Finances are a little tight right now.) These are some new projects.

April Sunset
Edits: Minor color correction. Cropping. Added the borders and text.
Sunset taken at work.

Mounds View Watertower
Edits: Cropping, borders and text. Simple.
Scene taken less than 1 mile from where I live. It's the Mounds View Watertower.

Steeple in Evora as seen from the Temple of Diana courtyard
Edits: Sky color correction. Brightness of white wall lowered. Cropping. Borders added.
Sight in Evora, Portugal, that we saw when standing at the Temple of Diana.

Two Rails, Side Pocket
Old picture of me playing pool on 1-1-2003. Taken by a friend who no longer seems to want to talk to me. But still feels the need to read my blog. (Annoying.)
Edits: Remove color from most of picture. Enhance greens of the felt. Gaussian blur the entire image. Add borders and text.