Monday, July 10, 2006

My Weekend & Some Pictures

I feel like I actually accomplished something this weekend. Strange for me.

On Sunday, I got up pretty early and headed over to my dad's, beating him home. He was out golfing. I managed to get three loads of laundry done (yea! Clothes for the week!) and when he got there he ordered a pizza for us. Afterwards I picked up DM and we headed to karaoke, as usual.

Also as usual, an interesting individual latched onto us. His new nickname (in our circle of friends) is TCC. It stands for "Tom Cruise Crazy." He was slightly drunk (not fall down drunk) and hyper active. TCC approached our table and asked if we wanted to go swimming. The bonus? There was a diving board and everything. This man was also running around the bar without his shirt on and kept picking up his friends.

When he was leaving, Amy went out to see if he was driving. Shannon and Becky followed her. He came back in as they were walking out the door and he grabbed Becky's face and kissed her. She screamed. It was quite amusing.

Karaoke itself wasn't that exciting. It was just nice and fun. We talked with Angie (Steve broke up with her), Amy (just back from vacation), Becky, Shannon, Char, Liz, James, Bryan, and Dean. Good times.

Today, I got up early again and went to the dentist for root canal phase 1. The dentist (who's previous work and trauma on the tooth is what caused the root canal) took needles that are small put in proportion to my tooth are gigantic and shaped like screws and scraped out the root of my front tooth. It didn't really hurt (he did give me plenty of numbing shots), but once in awhile he'd hit the still clinging to life nerve and the ice pick pain would shoot straight into my brain. Next week he'll finish up and fill the tooth again. Not fun.

I went to my dad's after that to pick up my laundry (which had to have 1 more cycle in the dryer at the time I left on Sunday). He took me grocery shopping with him (even bought me some nice snacks for work - crackers, grapes, etc. Dads are so nice!) Then I took him to the movies and we saw Pirates of the Carribbean - Dead Man's Chest. Much like the first movie, but still fun. Creepy monsters. It ends on a cliff hanger and so I'll have to wait a year to really know the end of the story.

Then I came home, put away some groceries and laundry and then played with Photoshop on some pictures I took on Sunday.

shadow on a grape leaf
Shadow on a Grape Leaf

deadly nightshade
Deadly Nightshade (may not actually be deadly, but it is nightshade and it grows in both my dad's and my mom's backyards.)

nightshade berries
Nightshade Berries (minimal Photoshop here. Only the frame and text added. I just really liked this shot with the natural shadows and bright red berries.)

afternoon light
Afternoon Light (actually, I didn't mean to take this picture. I moved the camera away when I had decided to not take a different picture and ended up with this. Kind of abstract.)