Friday, September 29, 2006

Me Can Account

Final grades were mailed out for my financial analysis for managers 1 class. Thought I'd share the grade of the class that I hated with a passion.

Your Grade:

Week One: 12/12 points = 100% = A
Week Two: 17/17 = 100% = A
Week Three: 22/22 = 100% = A
Week Four: 22/22 = 100% = A
Week Five: 27/27 = 100% = A

Final Grade: 100% = A

Comments from the teacher:

Text Exercises and Problems: Your answers showed a level of understanding that portrays an overall understanding of the concepts.
Comments: You did a nice job on your ethics article review. I have no additional improvements to suggest.
You did a GREAT job in this class!! Good luck to you!!

Yea. Now I hope to do as well in financial analysis for managers 2. This week's topic: overdraft fees. I can barely contain my excitement.