Wednesday, January 03, 2007

iPod, iPod in My Hand, I Hope the New Year is Not Bland

As the old man turned in and the world welcomed the New Year's baby, DM and I got together to watch the clock turn to tomorrow and celebrated the passing of 2006 and looked forward to 2007. Instead of karaoke, we decided to spend the evening with our cameras and relaxing at one of our old hangouts. The sky opened on Sunday, bringing the longed for "White Christmas" a week late. Snow flurries fell all day long, changing the brown lawns into winter wonderlands, dusting the treetops, and creating halos around streetlamps. There is something about snow that is magical and truly beautiful.

Before treking out in the snow, I spent the afternoon at my dad's. The view from his front lawn was charming, no people on the street and just a few rooms lit up in houses along the way. Beacons telling stories of families gathered together. That's what I imagine at least.

Snow in the Neighborhood

My father and I enjoyed a spicy spaghetti meal while watching "Rear Window." I had never seen the show before and was impressed with Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly's performances. Truly a classic. Suspense, humor, and stunning cinematography really did make this film quite stunning.

By the time I went to pick up DM, there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground. This would make most places shut down, but not in the Twin Cities. I would not be surprised if readers in Wisconsin understand the minor inconvenience that snow causes. I say, "Minor," because I do mean, "Minor." In states where snow is common, the plows are ready and waiting. The cities spend millions of dollars each year to have the proper equipment on hand to clear the roads efficiently. The three inches of snow on the ground only slowed the traffic down about 10 miles an hour on the freeways. You learn to drive carefully, but you still drive. That's what it was like picking DM up. Give yourself plenty of room on the road, stay alert, drive passively, be careful, and don't hurry to where you're going are good ways to handle driving in snow. I was impressed, not surprised, by how quickly the streets were cleared. Since the driving conditions were not too bad, DM and I ended up driving through some city streets (which were not as plowed but you drive much, much slower) to take some night photographs of the scenery.

Song for a winter's night

Snowy Scene

Snow Tree

After a few pictures, we headed to Perkins for our third New Year's Eve in a row (which sounds a bit lame, but is safe, fun, and relaxing) and as we pulled up, we saw the flag flying at half-mast to honor President Gerald Ford, the man whose death affected most Americans current lives by shutting down mail service for another day and becoming bigger news than the execution of Sadam Hussein. With the wind whipping our iconic of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness around, I had to take another picture or two. I liked this one.

In Honor

Once inside the restaurant, DM and I turned to another tradition which we named the previous year as, "Ask the iPod." It is a bit silly and only proves our guillible natures, but we have made a game of asking questions about life to the device and using the song titles to give meaning to the questions. We managed to never actually post the answers the iPod gave us last year, but a few from this year we ones we found mentionable. Truth or fiction, you decide. Personally, it is fun, but I do not take too much stock in the responses. It is good, clean fun. Well, not always clean.

Some of the highlights are listed below. The questions have a B or D in front of them, designating if I asked the question or if it was the Queen of the Universe herself. You'll notice themes in our questions (can you imagine the men who are on our minds?). The iPod's responses are in italics (and italicizing the word italics is just silly but I enjoyed it).

D: Will I fall in love with someone else in 2007 (after questions leading her to believe there is a different person)? Maybe Katie

D: Am I going to become a lesbian? Whenever, Whereever

B: iPod, are you saying DM is going to date women? Testing 1, 2, 3

B: (After a question leading us to believe zombies are going to arise from the dead) Why are zombies going to arise in 2007? Addicted to Love (which is the best reason to come back to life)

D: Will I finish my Portugal scrapbook(s) this year? Laughable

D: Is Beth going to make a travel book to make money? Wish You Were Here (which sounds like a good title)

B: What should I do wild and crazy this year? Truth of the Heart

D: Will Beth ever appreciate the comic stylings of Adam Sandler? Too Little Too Late (by the way, I hate him. He irritates every bit of my soul. It offends me that he has made money by being an idiot and that there are people out there who pay for the immature humor - this type of humor annoyed me when I was 5 and it still does.)

B: When (and if) I see Andriy, what will happen? Moody's Mood for Love

B: What song should always remind me of Andriy? The Weakness of Me

D: What song should always remind me of James? Dying to Live (which, by the way, is a great song by Jonny Lang - "Are you living to die or dying to live?")

D: What song should remind us of Sarah? Just the Way You Are (which is sweet)

D: Will I have wonderful sex this year? Dance Without Sleeping

B: Is Andriy the one for me? Everyone is Waiting

D: What is my song fr 2007? Lovers in a Dangerous Time

B: What is my song for 2007? Learning to Fly

D: Who is the one? Do I know the one? I'm Afraid of Americans

D: Is my one male? It's Not Unusual and Piece of My Heart clarify: Mr. Jones

We did have some fun and asked silly questions and got worked up over concidental answers. All-in-all, I got to ring in the new year with my best friend and had a great time.

CarpeDM said: Hey! You forgot the corresponding answer to "I'm afraid of Americans "which was an Englishman in New York, leading us to believe we'll have to take a road trip to New York this year so I can meet an Englishman (or you know, an English woman since iPod hates me and thinks I'm a lesbian). I had so much fun with you. As always. Dude. You so rock. zsqrkw - when I try to say this in my head it sounds oddly like kurka. Dang it.

Frustrated Writer said: Great pictures, great post, and I love the answers the Ipod gave. Glad you were with each other on NYE and I am inspired by your wonderful friendship with each other.

Teri said: I hate Adam Sandler, too...

Mother of Invention said: Finally! Took me 3 tries to get this box to open! I'm envious of your snow! Send a few flakes our way! You had such a great NY's Eve...sounds perfect! And some of those i-pod answers seem unwittingly prophetic! (I've never seen an i-pod close up so I have no clue what you're doing with it!) Cool pics! If we EVER get snow, I'll post some!