Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Another Saturday Night at the Pool Hall

After work, Char and I headed to the pool hall. This has become a semi-normal Saturday night for us. The pool hall gives us a place to walk around some, take out a little aggression (on the pool balls), relax, and unwind. We can chat a little about work (those bits of conversation that may be better stated out of the office) and get our fill of assorted personalities. There is a crowd that pool halls typically attract and I'll be the first to admit it is not always the classiest of crowds.

We were hit on tonight. Well, if you call it that. A drunk man stumbled towards us on his way out the door (someone else was driving him) and commented on our "chins". I don't think the word chin was what he meant, especially considering the comment of, "That's not what I meant," slurred after saying chin, but whatever.

Nature called and I had to use the rest room of the establishment. This is when I realized some of the oddest situations occur in rest rooms. I was in one stall. The larger stall was empty and two women (a little buzzed, but no where near drunk) come in. I expect one to enter the other stall while her companion/friend waits.

When I return to the table, the following conversation with Char occurs:

B (me): We're friends, right?
C (Char): Of course.
B: And we've known each other for quite awhile now.
C: Yes.
B: I just want to make something clear. We would never share a stall taking turns at peeing, right?
C: That would be correct.
B: And we would not do this while talking about how we just met this very night, right?
C: That would also be correct.

It's not like there was a history of friendship between these two women. They were discussing how they just met tonight. Now, I have friends who I adore and trust and can be comfortable around. Peeing with them has never crossed my mind.

This is not an option.