Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day

Finally! Living in Minnesota, you expect to get snow days once in awhile. In high school, I had a couple of days where the schools were closed because it was too cold to leave the house, but I don't remember a snow day since elementary school and I don't even remember those. My mom does say they happened though. Even the Halloween blizzard of 1991 didn't result in a snow day for me (only because my school was already closed the next day for something else).

But! After receiving a foot of snow last Saturday night/Sunday morning and having another storm arrive today, our call center closed! By the time I had left for work, the snow was up to my ankles. I was at work for two hours before we closed and in that time I had two meetings and was able to call the members of my team not there yet and tell them to stay home.

Once we closed, I went out and brushed at least 2 inches of snow off my car. Then I headed to my dad's after returning a call to James (karaoke was cancelled). I was at my dad's for four hours and at least another 4 inches of snow fell.

I'm at home now and messing with photographs (seeing what to develop for the last year) and looking out the window, I see the snow half way up the tires of the cars in the parking lot. But some of those cars were not there when the snow started. I'd imagine we're up to 8 inches or so of snow by now. Pretty cool.

Snow! I'm excited. I'm pretty sure I'll have to work Friday night. The roads will be cleared by then, but a girl can hope!

**I've been locked out of Blogger. Blast! Something about being flagged as a spam blog. This is annoying. It's probably because I used electronical terms too much. Dumb.

***In regards to my previous post, I have figured out the problem. There is no signal into the VCR. This can be resolved by changing the order of the connections and adding a cable - so at least there is that.