Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Bit Too Close to Home

I know I haven't been around much and I do plan on catching up soon. School's over and that will help. I've been going out a lot and my Internet connection has been picky. So, enough excuses. I'm sorry I haven't been posting or reading. I do miss everyone and will get around soon.

I'm posting this morning because of the "catastrophe" that happened in Minneapolis tonight. The news is focused on the collapse of the 35W bridge. It's near to home. I don't know the focus in national and global news, but it is big here. I figure it's known at least in many places since it is on the front of MSN.

It's scary. When I first heard the story, I was at work. My first thought was about the bankers who were still coming into work that night. I had two bankers that didn't start until after the collapse. One lives two blocks from the bridge. He was fine.

One girl on another team received a call from her boyfriend. He was two cars ahead of the collapse. Scary stuff.

I don't have much to write, just checking in. I should be able to get online this weekend for reading and writing. It's 5 am here now and I'm off to bed. Miss you all!