Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is it about Willie Nelson that makes him so cool?

Maybe I'm just getting older and my tastes in music are getting better or I'm getting older and my tastes in music are getting worse, but I'm finding myself appreciating Willie Nelson quite a bit lately. A couple of my favorite songs (top played) are now "Highwayman" and "Beer for My Horses." Both are the Red-Headed Stranger.

The best part of Willie Nelson is the fact he's not that great of a singer. He has a nasally, high-pitched voice. But there's feeling in it.

One of my recent purchases (seriously, is there a support group for iTunes addictions?) is Willie Nelson covering one of my absolute favorite songs of all times. While I've appreciated his version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," I recently found another Paul Simon (sans the Garfunkel) cover.

How fitting is Willie Nelson singing, "Graceland"? It's perfect!

"I'm going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee."

And guess what? I am.

In a less than 2 weeks, I'll be visiting the home of Elvis Presley, walking on Beale, eating BBQ ribs, and hanging out in seedy blues clubs hoping to play a round of billiards with a local master (which of course I'll lose. Do you think they'll let me just play a game to say that I've played a master?)

And besides seeing the Civil Rights Museum and the Mighty Mississippi, I should get a chance to see the Arch in St. Louis (and eat more BBQ ribs), step foot in five states I've never seen (Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas), see the Ozarks, possibly see a show in Branson, and play a game of cards at the Catfish Casino on the river. Oh, and visit Kansas City (did someone say ribs?)

Mom has called it the "Trifecta of Ribs" and I have had "Walking in Memphis," and "Graceland," in my head for a month. The rental car is lined up, some of the hotels are booked, and we're going on a road trip. I'm so excited!

The last time I went on a road trip with my mom was over 10 years ago. And it was to Iowa to visit family. (I'm not knocking family, just saying that it was a general drive to go where we used to live.) I plan on using the heck out of my cameras and eating all the wonderful styles of BBQ ribs, seeing the tourist sights, and getting into the vacation.

I don't even know what part of the trip I'm the most excited about. Is it the sight-seeing? Is it the driving with loads of music blaring from the iPod? Is it taking pictures? Food? Actually, I think I'm most excited about going on vacation with my mom, as an adult. I'm excited to get to spend a week with my mom, no distractions. I'm sure we'll get to know each other even better.

By the way, the new single from KT Tunstall's sophomore album is called, "Hold On." And it's awesome! I'm listening and bopping around as I type. I bought a ton of new music (seriously, addicted to iTunes. Bad.) Some of the recent gems:

"Eyes on the Prize," by Mavis Staples
"Right Time, Wrong Place," by B.B. King & Bonnie Raitt (originally by Dr. John I think)
"Right Time, Wrong Place," by Tom Jones (oh, if there was ever a man to throw your panties at, it's him. Sorry for the visual.)
"Because the Night," by Bruce Springsteen
"Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)" by Bobby Womack
"Just the Way You Are," by Barry White
"I Walk the Line," by Live

Got any other good covers that I should check out? I wish I could find the Cher version of "Walking Memphis." I just want a decent female singer version of the song. Dang.

Alright, I'm trying to get back into blogging. We'll see how this goes. I think I'm ready now.