Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Planning Stages

In less than a week, I hit the open road with my mom. There's been a lot going on to prepare and also a lot going on outside of the trip. For Labor Day weekend, I worked Saturday (normal schedule). I went to two parties on Sunday - one an afternoon picnic at Char's and one a birthday party for James. Both were fun.

At the second party, I got scared a little. Nothing much, but an odd moment. When I used the restroom, I came out to find Little Matt, one of our friends from karaoke/James/Dean/Liz/Bryan connection, sitting on James's bed, waiting for the restroom. He was just sitting in the dark, silent. I didn't even notice him at first. I jumped just a little. Yikes.

Also, I realized that I really don't know much about video games. There were a bunch of gamers at the party and I was completely lost listening to them. But I still had a good time and missed DM, who was at home with hives. I'm sure she'll explain on her site. Poor girl. No fun at all.

Today, Monday (which I guess it's past midnight so technically, it's Tuesday), I went to my mom's. We had a great chicken dinner and did some more finalizing of the trip. From what we've determined, the map below should show our trip. In a week's time, we'll cover almost 2,000 miles and drive for over 35 hours. But! It's going to be worth it.

I know I've gone over this trip before and I don't want to rehash all the plans. I guess I'm just really excited. This week is going to be interesting. I work Tuesday - Saturday and leave Sunday morning. On Tuesday, I have meetings and more meetings. Plus regular work. I have training on Wednesday and Thursday (early! Ouch!) I'm sure I'll sleep most of Wednesday night (early to bed, early to rise) and then DM and I are going to karaoke on Thursday. With the training, we can go a little earlier. That's cool at least. Friday will be a normal workday, as will Saturday, but I have to pick up the rental car on Saturday before noon. Another early day. I guess this week will prepare me for my mom's sleep schedule.

Mom and I ran to Target tonight to pick up some minor supplies for the trip. Actually, only 4 things. Two bags of candy that were on sale (we really wanted to try the candy corn flavored Hershey kisses - they're okay), a new pair of sunglasses (for me), and a notebook (travel journal!). The journal is pretty cool - it has a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the front, which has nothing to do with the trip but is a travel destination. I just liked the style of the notebook.

My To Do list for the trip is shorter, but there's still some things on it:

  • Finish packing
  • Cash in jar of change for spending money
  • Pick up rental car
  • Figure out which books to bring
  • Update iPod with new music and updated playlists
  • Upload pictures from camera to computer to clear up memory card
  • Print up puzzles for trip (Sudoku - I'm a little addicted)

Here's the map. It starts in Fridley and twists and turns to hit certain cities/landmarks.

I'm so excited!

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