Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Surprise ... Telegram*

This is the Crown Fountain. It is at Millennium Park in Chicago. The faces will change throughout the day and water will shoot out the "mouth" of the display. Kids run and splash in the pool. It is somewhat creepy, but cool in a way too. The technology is quite good and it does make for an interesting piece to view.


I'm on vacation from work again. This is my last week off until next year. It is time to winterize the house a bit - mulch the leaves, get the tomato plants out of the ground, etc. I am going out to dinner with family & friends many of the nights this week. DM was over last weekend for scrapbooking and she'll be over again this upcoming weekend. On Saturday I am going to have a party.

There is not too much else taking place around here. Char & I played pool earlier tonight and I had the unfortunate pleasure of a drunk man trying to grind on me while listening to Vanilla Ice. I do have to admit it was rather funny.

The weekend newspaper had a story about a bar crawl with a zombie theme. The crawlers would walk like zombies. This makes the walking much slower. They have a cheer:





That made DM & I giggle for about twenty minutes.

*The title is a bit of an inside joke within my family. Years ago, we saw this TV show called, "Mad Movies." They would take old movies and dub in new dialogue. One of the episodes featured, "The Night of the Living Dead." The show turned it into a surprise party with all the zombies saying, "Surprise," in perfect dead pan. One zombie frequenting the porch is set up to be a delivery man who keeps saying, "Telegram." I wish I could find the clip for you all.