Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Puppy Love

After a long drive with a great friend, I am home, sitting on my new couch, watching a movie, and have a cuddly baby on my lap.

The little guy is tiny! He's absolutely adorable, sweet, and lovey. He looks at the TV when there is a louder noise and he is quite interested in the picture.

He is stunned by the backyard. It's a little big and we got home as the sun was setting, so we'll see how daring he gets tomorrow to explore a little more than where I'm standing.

His prance as he discovered the living room was priceless. He came around the corner with a wagging tail and a big puppy grin.

DM and I got to meet his mother and father. He's rat terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Wire Fox terrier, and a little T-cup poodle thrown in for good measure. He has black and white patches all over and little spots on his legs.

It was fun picking him up. The woman who we got him from had about 50 dogs running around the place, but she was nice to them and very passionate about each. A little overboard (read, "Crazy,") but she let me have him.

I'm in love!