Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Newest Addiction

With the spring weather making the days longer and warmer, I've been bitten by the bug. The bug that I'm speaking of is the one that makes me want to try out photography skills (which I lack) and practice, practice, practice taking pictures. My newest goal for myself is to take 5 pictures a day. I'm at about two.

While searching through Flickr, I found a new website. It is FlagrantDisregard. It allows you to take your pictures and create other, creative items. The mosaic maker is my new favorite toy, although I'm hoping to make (de)motivational posters. Towards the bottom of this post, you'll see some of the creations I've made on this site, experimenting with different tags and different searches.

Ellen asked a question in one of the comments about my photography. She asked what type of camera I use. My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot. It has 7.2 mega pixels. The camera I used in Portugal was a Cyber-shot as well, only 5.0 mega pixels though. That one was stolen last July. Both cameras also have/had a Carl Zeiss lens, which I've been told is good. I don't know. I just like the pictures. When I bought the first one, I asked the guy which camera would help make good 8 x 10 prints. I had memory cards that fit the Cyber-shot model, so I bought it again, happy with the quality I'd received before. With the higher mega pixels, I can enlarge prints even more, helpful in scrapbooking.

Here are some of the projects I've created using my pictures and Flagrant Disregard:

A mosaic of the pictures I feel are some of my best:
Hobby Mosiac

Another mosaic. This is of grapes from my dad's backyard (and this picture prompted someone to invite me to their photo pool):
Grapes Mosiac

A mosaic of the monastery in Belem, Portugal:
Monastery mosiac

A mosaic of Taco and Chip and a walk in the woods:
Walk in the Woods Mosiac

Cheesy motivational picture (without a cool tagline because I'm blanking on what to write):

Another cheesy motivational picture:
Rose Bud

I want to go back to Portugal. I also want to travel to many, many places. And yet I'm here.

Monastery mosaic:
St. Jerome Monastery Mosiac

Meeting the Sea mosaic:
Meeting the Sea

Frosted Frame on a picture my mom thinks should be in a photo contest:
On the Beach

A mosaic of Taco. I still miss him so much. I probably always will.

Ocean mosaic:
Ocean mosiac

Extremely cheesy motivational poster:

Mosaic of art from the Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon, Portugal (Clockwise from top left: Statue of Diana, Monet "Breakup of the Ice" painting, details of Rembrandt's "Old Man", detail of Islamic star tile):
Gulbenkian mosaic

Flowers from Las Vegas mosaic:
Flowers in Vegas mosaic

Mosaic of pictures tagged with "Blue" in my photostream (I don't like this one at all):
Blue mosaic

Mosaic of pictures tagged with "Black and White" in my photostream (little better, but still not what I like):
black and white Lisbon mosiac

Mosaic of the Cloister, from the monastery in Belem, Portugal:
Cloister mosiac

Mosaic of the Se Cathedral in Lisbon, Portugal (this one also prompted someone to invite me to a photo pool):
Se mosiac

Mosaic of the nightshade that grows in my dad's backyard (and I found some at my mom's house too):
Nightshade Mosiac