Tuesday, April 04, 2006

When Did it Become April?

Why is it that time seems to move faster and faster? Am I just getting slower?

The past weekend was a bit of fun. I know that I have a few things to post about (remind me to write up the night of karaoke where free entertainment was even better when condiments were added to the mix). This weekend flew by. I picked DM up after work on Friday to meet Char at the pool hall. The three of us played a few games and then DM and I went to the grocery store to get some snacks for the weekend.

The unique part of that entire story is the fact I went to the grocery store. I don't shop for food often. My lifestyle tends to dictate that my socializing is done at the time I would eat so I tend to go to Perkins with friends. I do eat at home on occasion, usually when I have leftovers or when my parents send me home with food.

After shopping, DM and I got back to my place and scrapped for a bit. On Saturday, I went to work and afterwards, we scrapped some more. It's odd to scrapbook when I am low on pictures, so tonight I broke down and ordered some more prints to be delivered. I think I've finally ordered all the pictures from Portugal that I need to finish my albums. I may actually be done within one year of the trip! Then I can start on the 2005 album.

On Sunday, DM and I scrapped a bit more and then got ready for karaoke. Missing an hour of the weekend made it a bit difficult to get everything in (like visiting my dad). Karaoke was fun on Sunday night. We avoided talking to Pete and Guru. We also enjoyed the company of Angie, Steve (her boyfriend, not the team lead - we need better names for the Steves), Amy, Sara, Dan Lang, Bryan, Liz, James, and Stephanie. The bar was rather barren so we went to the wheel and played Secret Santa karaoke. Secret Santa karaoke involves getting someone's name and picking a song for them. I got Dan Lang and picked 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon. Bryan got me and put in Long Black Veil. DM got Bryan and tried to get him to sing Candy Man, but trying is not the same as doing. He did actually sing Mama Told Me Not to Come and it was fantastic!

Today, I slept extremely late and then headed to my mom's to wish her an official happy birthday. I didn't know what to get her and she decided that she'd like some of the pictures I've taken developed and framed for certain rooms of her house. That makes me feel pretty good. These are the pictures she wanted:
Chip Dana & the Sea flowers snow 011 Grapes Green grapes

Mom simmered brats in beer and onions and then Scott (her boyfriend) cooked them on the grill. It was absolutely delicious. With brats tonight and watermelon on Saturday, I'm getting more and more excited for summer. I can't wait for green beans and corn on the cob. The weather is starting to warm here, each day feeling a bit better than the last with the occasional cold snap coming back. Maybe we'll be in the 50/60s soon. Most of the snow is gone for good and the grass will start to turn green again. As much as I love winter, I wish it was a bit shorter. Even a couple of months off of winter would be good. Spring and autumn are quick seasons here and I'd love to enjoy them longer.

Work should be good this week. The new quarter has started and it is time to refocus (okay, that happens all the time. It's just a new topic each week) and be #1. We're getting better all the time and it feels good. Steve (the team lead, not Angie's boyfriend) was commenting the other night that we've finally gotten used to his day schedule (which I still dislike but it won't change) and we're working better as a team again. We even have a banker being promoted to another department. Her last day with us will be Thursday. Hopefully I'll remember to get a cake and a card.

I'm looking forward to Lost this week and Thursday night karaoke. Also, I'll be going to Perkins on Tuesday like normal with Sarah and anyone from work who wants a bite to eat and good conversation. Char should be back to nights in a week or two (yea!) and hopefully it will mean more pool playing. I could use the couple of hours walking around each night.

On a completely different note, today would have been Taco's birthday. I still miss him every single day.