Thursday, April 26, 2007


I know. I know. I haven't been around for awhile. There is no real excuse other than after reading a whole bunch of posts for school, my desire to write and read for fun tends to diminish. School is going fine. My teacher really likes it if we put graphics in our papers. A little odd, but it is a marketing class so I guess I see his logic.

On Tuesday night, I got home to find a woman standing in the entryway of my apartment building. I know this woman, unfortunately. I wrote about her once before, maybe a year/year and a half ago. She used to live in my apartment complex and I went to high school with her. I've known her since first grade and have never liked her. Besides the fact she has never had a concept of personal space (and my personal space is valued highly by me), she tends to rub against people and leeches onto people. In school, she was never really my friend, but attached herself to people who were my friends.

When I ran into her last time, she told me the negative things in her life - being evicted and working as a bagger at a grocery store. She also hugged me which is annoying if you don't like the person.

When I saw her on Tuesday night, it was a repeat of the hug and telling me all her problems. Apparently, her father lives in my building so she was staying with him. But she was staying with him because her roommate tried to kill her. She told me how nice it was to see an old friend, hugged me again, and told me how she got her clothes out of her apartment.

And all I could think of was, "I don't like you. If you keep touching me, I might want to kill you." Which prbably makes me somewhat cold-hearted. I didn't say this to her; I just tried to get away as quickly as possible.

So, that's one of the random things that have happened to me as of late. I still like everyone in the blogging world and I'm sorry I haven't been around. I'll try to get around soon, I promise.