Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day

Polls are closed, the votes are (mostly) in, and the results are full of ups and downs.

I wore my "I Voted" sticker with pride today, well aware of the fact that my voting area would most likely sway the same direction as my votes. I'm happy that the Senate race went in favor of the Democrat (the other guy reminded many I know of a child molestor - you know that vibe) and I'm glad to hear the news reports that the House went to the Democrats.

I'm liberal, but I'm not necessarily with the Democratic party. I tend to prefer the Independents, but sometimes feel it is a wasted vote. Not in my district, but Minneapolis did a tiered voting system. People were allowed to pick their choices. If their first candidate didn't get enough votes to win, their second choice would receive their votes. I kind of like this idea - gives the Independent and Green parties a fighting chance. People don't feel that they are wasting a vote.

This woman won the House seat in another nearby district. She's the first female Republican (from our state I think - maybe nationally) to win. I wish I could have voted in that district to pick the other candidate. I have a few friends who refer to her as "Crazy Eyes." You know the type - when they speak there is nothing in the eyes. It's quite stunning that she won - her campaign was an attack against the other candidate, stating that the other candidate was against families and that candidate was one of the key supporters and contributors to creating the Amber Alert system. I'm surprised by these results.

In the past ten years, I've voted on all the even years. I'm going to admit, I don't make it to the polls in the off years, unless I know a bit more about the city council positions. I turned 18 a week before the elections in 1996, so I'm a bit proud of the fact I voted in a major election where Bush was not picked.

Minnesota reelected a Republican governor. This state is getting more and more conservative. It's hard to believe that the (only?) state to vote against Reagan is now in question when it comes to swaying "Red." One used to be able to say that a Minnesota Republican was still more liberal than an Arizona Democrat. Not so much anymore.

I'm sad to hear that Wisconsin passed a ban on marriage act. Just drives me mad to think that so many people want to limit the rights of Americans. I'll never understand why there is blind hatred out there. Who does it hurt, really, to have a same sex couple? Honestly. This country has people who seem to always find the need to pick a group to discriminate against. The entire arguments against equal rights for homosexuals is religious in nature, heavily influenced by Christianity. This country has a history of discriminating against Native Americans, blacks, women, and the disabled. Right now, the group in the hot seat is gays. What is next? With all the talk about illegal immigrants, I would predict Hispanics, although the heavy religious right influence is probably going to try to bully all other religions - Muslims come to mind here. When does it stop? For a country founded on equal rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and separation of church and state, we don't seem to be headed in the right direction.

As I typed earlier, election day had its ups and downs. Small victories here; defeats there.

I wonder what the history books will write about this time. What perspective will be taken?