Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The vacation didn't prompt me to write multiple posts daily and I still didn't get caught up on reading blogs, but now that that awful finance class is over, I find myself liking my computer again. Just in time for that blogging month where you're supposed to post daily, write a novel, or at least comment daily on other blogs. I'm going to try two of these - meaning my goal for the month is to get back into the habit of writing nightly (which completely helps decrease my stress level) and commenting monthly. My attempts at a novel have been far between and lacking.

I have a plan for writing nightly. A few stories (posts) that I have in mind are:
Juvenille Delinquent?
Birthday photos
What I Did on My Summer Autumn Vacation
An essay about bowling

That should get me through the first week of this thing at least.

Returning to work today was actually welcomed. As much fun as I had last week, there was something nice about getting back to work and seeing my team. Steve looked relieved to have me back in the office and I got some really nice welcomes from the team. Steve did not get the supervisor job he had applied for (bummer) but I had a decent conversation with the hiring manager to find out how to set Steve up for the next position. As I believed all along, he's a good candidate and if he keeps up his work habits, gets out in front of more people, and gives it a little bit more time, he'll be looking at a future position with the company.

Today (as in October 31 - not November 1 as the post shows) marked the start of my project training new bankers at night. Turns out only one of the possible four accepted the position and I was prepared for a larger group. I'm only training one guy now, but he's a great trainee. I actually interviewed him right before vacation and we were able to get him into this class. Quite nice. He's really smart and if first day impressions are correct, we'll be flying through the training. In fact, we were able to complete the four hour session planned in an hour. I don't think this is going to be quite the huge time commitment I orignally planned. Which is nice, because I'll have more time for my team.

Speaking of my team, it does make me feel good to walk in and have them all look so happy to see me. One guy, our resident goofball, made it a point to stop by at the end of the night just to talk for 10 minutes. He usually dives out the door (a joke about being the first one out) and he stuck around to walk out with Sarah and I. I was told multiple times that I'm not allowed to go on vacation again. Steve may have used the phrase, "You ditched me!"

I'm off now to read a few blogs before bed. I'm returning to the blogging community.