Monday, May 26, 2008

Bullet Point To Do List

Two full calendar days left. About four minutes of Monday left. Walk-through on Thursday at noon and closing scheduled for one.


To do:

  • Go to bank on Tuesday to change one cashier's check in for another
  • Call mortgage processor (before trip to bank) to get exact amount for cashier's check
  • Buy new locks
  • Spray perimeter of new house with bug killer (thanks Dad!)
  • Write 2000 word paper by Thursday about the past, present, and future of my academic career (oh, the joy) *started
  • Write introduction section to learning team paper due by Saturday *started
  • Participate in class so that I don't end up with a B in this class too *partially done
  • Restrict rage against other group members who don't contribute
  • Finish packing up bedroom *90% complete
  • Finish packing up hall closet #1
  • Finish packing up hall closet #2 *95% complete
  • Finish packing up kitchen *85% complete
  • Finish packing up scrapbooking stuff in dining room
  • Finish packing up bathroom *97.5% complete
  • Finish packing up living room *90% complete
  • Get more boxes
  • Create directions for the possible 17 15 people helping me move on Sunday
  • Relax *working on it
  • Work Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Call water company and hopefull get through this time
  • Confirm that electric and gas are set up through same company
  • Don't freak out *still working on it
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean living room
  • Wash windows
  • Clean bedroom
  • Clean dining room
  • Buy washing machine *next week
  • Buy lawn mower *next week

Yeah, stress level rising a bit. Oh well, it's exciting!