Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pini gemellati

The weekend has arrived again and the stress level should hopefully decrease some. All is well on the home ownership front, although I may be having an unexpected expense that has nothing to do with the house popping up (car related in fact). I started packing tonight. I believe I officially have 10 boxes ready to haul. Unfortunately, that's not even a dent.

I met with the inspector on Thursday. I think I wrote about that already. Maybe. It's all so jumbled right now. While walking around the backyard, my dad suggested a name for the home. With two Norway pines growing in the backyard, he suggested, "Twin Pines." And the mood I'm in tonight, I thought I might spice it up a little. What do you think of "Pini gemellati"? From what I can gather, this is the Italian translation of Twin Pines. It may not stick.

I thought I'd post a picture, just in case anyone was curious. Twenty-five days left. Wow!

I'm exhausted. I may post again tomorrow to discuss the war I'm going to wage with the management of my apartment complex. It appears they cannot do math and do not want to live up to their end of the agreement. Grrrr!

Pini gemellati