Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T minus 11 hours and counting

My expectations were to be more nervous than I am. There's an odd calm that has surrounded me. I'm unsure if it is focusing on school, distracting myself with packing, or working this week that has done it, but I'm pretty relaxed about tomorrow.

In just over 11 hours, I will start the signing-my-life-away process. Spencer is meeting me at the house between 11:30 and 12:00 for a final walk through. Afterwards, we will head to the title office and I'll start signing papers. Lots and lots of papers. I hope I have a good pen.

The cashier's check is ready. I've given everything to the loan processor and she said it should be fine. The utilities are set up (cable on Monday - ooh, shiny Internet). After the closing, I plan on heading to the hardware store, picking up the new locks for the doors and installing them. Dad is going to meet me after he gets off work and help spray this bug killer around the perimeter of the house. Mom will call when she gets off work.

I plan on being at the apartment before 7 pm. I'm going to work on this paper (that isn't really due until Sunday, but being ahead of the game is important.) I'll get my group assignment done tomorrow (75 words or so, I could do it right now, except I'm planning on bed soon). I'll finish a discussion question for class, participate a little, and then watch the season finale of LOST (which I haven't been too impressed with this season, but it's a hard habit to break).

I'll then call DM, pick her up (just an hour or so early) and head to the Chalet. James said he'd probably be up earlier than normal and Betsy is joining us when she gets off work.

I don't have much (besides locks & bug stuff) planned for the time after the closing until 7. I might get some food. Maybe Mom or Dad will want to eat something. I'm not planning on moving any boxes over on Thursday, although it couldn't hurt. I still have some packing to do in the apartment, but nothing that can't be finished by the time everyone arrives on Sunday. It's mostly the things I'm still using (computer, bath stuff, food, bedding, clothes for the week, etc.) I've got a lot of boxes and I think they might be enough. I hope so. I can start using bags if necessary. The things left to pack are little odds & ends. I may just label them as "Misc" because the reason they aren't packed yet is that they didn't fill a box and it seemed wasteful to put one small thing in a big box.

On a school related note, do I really want to write about my personal, professional, and educational goals for the next five years? No. Will I? Yes. Will it be true? Who knows.

Two thousand words all about my learning experience. Whoopie.

But, school is another countdown. In twelve days, I'll be exiting the university with a piece of paper that states I'm qualified to do the job I already have. Sounds great, doesn't it? At least the company I work for paid for the majority of it. That's a pretty nice benefit.

Off to sleep, perchance to dream of white picket fences.