Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Irrational Fears

Confession time. What is your most irrational fear? I'm not talking about those things you are afraid of that the majority of humans may have a problem with, but those things that truly have no bearing on life and are in no way a reality.

I had a counselor at school one time tell a group that her irrational fear was to wake up and find a giant Energizer Bunny in her room banging on that drum.

While thinking of this topic, I did a search and found a website that lists out the technical terms for hundreds of phobias. You can check it out here: Phobialist

Some I found interesting:
Alektorophobia - the fear of chickens
Francophobia - the fear of France
Lyssophobia - the fear of dealing with insanity
Genuphobia - the fear of knees
Onomatophobia - the fear of hearing a certain name
Allodoxaphobia - the fear of opinions
Phobophobia - the fear of phobias
Phengophobia - the fear of sunshine or daylight
Automatonophobia - the fear of a ventriloquist's dummy

I did not find the technical term for my worst irrational fear. I am afraid to drink Gatorade. How did I discover this? Let me tell you...

A few weeks ago, my dad purchased grape Gatorade because he needed to increase the number of electolytes in his system as part of physical therapy he has to attend (he fell off a ladder at work about 5 years back and once in awhile he will pull muscles in his back and then hurt for a few weeks). The six pack of Gatorade that he purchased was not suitable to his tastes and he knew I liked grape, so he offered the remaining five bottles to me.

I did not want to let my fear show so I said, "Um, sure, I'll try them." The bottles proceeded to sit in my back seat for two weeks. You may at this point be wondering, 'Beth, why are you afraid of Gatorade?'

It all has to do with the advertising. They use this slogan, "Is it IN you?" and then show all these athletes sweating in neon colors. I'm afraid that I will sweat in neon blue, orange, and yellow if I drink Gatorade.

I did try Gatorade for the first time today. It doesn't taste bad and I have not started sweating neon blue, but I do keep looking.

I did manage to amuse a ton of people at work with my irrational fear today. Hey, at least I kept it light!

To prove what I mean (if you don't know Gatorade ads), this is what I was able to find:


Found here.