Monday, October 31, 2005

Sounds a bit like a personal ad...

DM has done the "[name] loves..." MEME and I figured I would give it a go. It is simple. Just go to Google and enter in your name and the word loves to see what comes up. I have combined some that were similar and just repeats.

Beth loves Bob, Miles, Carl, Sam (if I knew any of these men, I might love them. Who knows?)
Beth loves kittens (I like puppies a bit more)
Beth loves to work with clay
Beth loves photography (Duh.)
Beth loves England, the Black Hills, New Zealand (I've never been to any of these)
Beth loves Star Wars (You don't want to hear my Star Wars tale)
Beth loves the English language – especially grammar!
Beth loves horses (Watch out! They bite. And I had to go to horse camp as a kid)
Beth loves her cousin
Beth loves to travel to wild places to photograph and document the lives of animals (Sure, who is picking up the bill?)
Beth loves to run, dance and watch football (yea. football. joy.)
Beth loves swimming (Sure, when I don't end up needing to be saved by the lifeguard.)
Beth loves to entertain and feed her family and friends
Beth loves to ski but hates the cold (I can't ski. I tried once. It was bad.)
Beth loves to hear from her readers (YES!)
Beth loves the lord (no comment)
Beth loves to laugh
Beth loves erotica (this one is a website for "everyone loves a slut")
Beth loves Ozzie (Who doesn't?)
Beth loves living in the city (Yes, Mounds View is quite nice. Uh, what?)
Beth loves movies, theater, awards shows, The West Wing, and baking (Well, the movies part is right)
Beth loves to read, dance, travel
Beth loves Saddam Hussein (What?!?)
Beth loves dogs
Beth loves to sing (Hmmm, this might be slightly accurate)
Beth loves company
Beth loves cherry coke! (But prefers the original)
Beth loves any arts and crafts type projects
Beth loves spending time with her husband, children, pets, family and friends. (When did I get married and have children?)
Beth loves playing the guitar (If I only knew how)
Beth loves to collect bears (Live bears? Stuffed bears? I don't know)
Beth loves to read, write in her journal, shop, and hang out with her friends
Beth loves open spaces that connect with the natural world
Beth loves international travel, but says a trip on the subway is the next best thing (Um, the only time I've been on a subway was during international travel)
Beth loves small land mammals
Beth loves Laurie! (I hope so. She is my mother.)
Beth loves to collect additional sexual programming (You mean I can collect this? Who are these people?)
Beth loves taking long walks on the beaches of the Vineyard (Three things here: not a fan of long walks, somewhat like beaches but burn in the sun, and I've never been to a vineyard.)
Beth loves dirt (oh, yeah, that dirt)