Monday, February 27, 2006

Felt Like You Haven't Been at Karaoke Lately? I Have a Solution: Pictures!

The bug to clean up my camera's memory card hit tonight and I thought I should share a few pictures from February karaoke (and a couple of random pictures).

February 5, 2006 Karaoke (aka after Super Bowl karaoke)

Drunk Man with Beads (he was rather amusing):
Bead GuyBead Guy dancing for Sara and Amy (4)Bead Guy dancing for Sara and Amy (3)Bead Guy dancing for Sara and Amy (2)Bead Guy dancing for Sara and Amy (1)Bead Guy dancing for Sara and Amy

Me singing:


February 12, 2006 Karaoke

DanaDana (1)Dana (2)
Craig gave all of us girls heart beads for Valentine's Day. It was sweet.

February 19, 2006 Karaoke


Dan Lange & Bryan singing together:
Dan Lange and BryanDan Lange and Bryan (1)

Angie singing to Amy:
Angie and Amy

February 26, 2006 Karaoke

James sang a Neil Diamond song last night (Brother Love's Traveling Show):
JamesJames (1)

DanaDana (1)Dana (2)

Taken during crazy scrapbooking night on Saturday with Dana:

Wine bottles ("I do actually have liquor in my apartment. Wow. If I wanted to get drunk, I could drink these and I have corkscrews!")
Wine Bottles 2

From a visit to my mom's today:

Smoke (3)Smoke (6)


Mac (the evil cat, apparently):
MacMac (1)

Chip (who needs a haircut):
Chip (1)Chip (2)

I have an odd work week ahead. I am in training on Tuesday and Wednesday and working early mornings those days. Posting may not be regular this week.

Oh, Dana, I realized one really great thing about Wednesday. We could go out and/or I could actually watch LOST on TV. Nice! You do know, I would rather go out than watch TV, right? I know it is LOST, but interactions with people will always rank higher than television for me.