Thursday, February 02, 2006

Random Trains of Thought

One of the joys of being sick is what I like to refer to as "loss of transitions". When I become ill, my head gets cloudy and people find it hard to hold conversations with me. Yesterday was a somewhat prime example of this, although I was trying to get through the 2 hours I was at work without incident.

Besides forgetting how to recognize Steve (which he brought up when I called in today), I had some conversation with him about work. I think it had to do with a timeline for a banker to move on. All of a sudden he was talking about shorts. Now, I've spent enough time with DM that I can usually determine where random thoughts come from (it is just finding the associations). I usually do well in determining Steve's random thoughts (he's a little more aware of pointing out the associations to people). Yesterday, I just stopped in my tracks and gave him a puzzled stare. "What are you talking about?"

On the way home from work, I went to the new Synder's Drug Store by my apartment to buy crackers. Crackers and Coke are the solution to stomach pains. Yes. That is my theory. There was a guy there that I thought looked familiar. I actually recognized him a bit faster than I did Steve and it was from the back. I recognized his hairline. That's when I realized that Big Wayne from karaoke works at the store right by my place.

I went to Flickr to find a picture of Big Wayne and saw a picture on the "everybody's photos" stream that sparked recognition. This guy's photo stream of Lisbon is very nice. Check it out:

It snowed here a couple of days ago. Or nights ago. There was lots of snow. I liked it. But then I don't drive that far. It is quite pretty but now it is melting. Sad. Snow is so pretty until all the cars drive over it and it gets brown and yucky. I took pictures. I will load them soon.

I don't really have anything else that fits this random post. I'll post pictures of snow!

snow 011

snow 001
(Note, if you use a flash while it is snowing, you get to see all the little flakes.)