Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Mom, the Activist

My mom recently sent me an email asking me to contact my local representatives. I think she is right on the money with this one. If you live in Minnesota and want to help, contact your local representatives and ask for this practice to be prohibited.

Here is some of the information that my mom sent.

Puppy Mill to Open in Minnesota (from Homeward Bound Rescue):

"It saddens us to announce that Morrison County Commissioners approved a "dog kennel" (in other words, a puppymill) to open in Belle Prairie Township, Minnesota. Six hundred adult dogs will be forced to live in tiny cages for the sole purpose of breeding puppies. These pups will then be sold in pet stores (NOT Petco or Petsmart), on the web, or in classified sections of newspapers.

"Those who are "privileged" enough to even step one foot outdoors (rather than being in pole barns with rows and rows of cages) will be debarked to prevent "noise pollution." It sends shivers down our spines to think of how the dogs will get debarked. Will it be done surgically by a vet or will the "kennel" operators do what many puppymills do to save money - jam a metal pipe down the dogs' throats to break the vocal cords? The "kennel" operators claim they'll debark the dogs in a humane fashion but that is to be expected. After all, who would publicly admit they'll break the law?

"We've rescued over a hundred puppy mill survivors and every single one of them has had horrific health issues because they never received proper medical attention. Almost all puppy mill survivors need expensive dentals because most of their teeth are totally rotten, others have limited vision because their corneas were scratched by their matted fur, while others come in blind or deaf from untreated eye and ear infections. We've rescued some that had tumors the size of cantaloupes and baseballs.

"Puppymill dogs live their entire lives in wire cages, are bred every time possible, and forced to pump out puppies by the bundle. They rarely get handled, never get pet, never feel grass or sunlight, never are given things likes bones or toys...they never get anything. Their lives are truly miserable and this is why it is so appalling that anyone in their right mind would ever approve of such a thing to open, especially in Minnesota. Unfortunately, there are no laws that prevent someone from operating a large breeding kennel and no state regulations or oversite of breeding operations in MN...."

So what can be done?

Write letters and make phone calls! If enough people call/write there is a chance that this horrible mill will never open. The people to write to/call include our state representatives and senator (you can find out who represents you by going to or call 651-296-2146). Commissioners must also be contacted. To read more information about the puppymill and to find contact information regarding these commissioners, please go to The Board of Animal Health can be reached at 651-201-6805. For information about puppymills, please go to,,,,,,, (under CAMPAIGNS click on 'Puppy Mills'),, and (USDA's Kennel Size Requirements).

My mom also wrote a letter and I liked the format of it. If you want, use it to contact a senator or representative. Here is her letter:

Dear Senator,

I am writing to call your attention to the fact that permision has been given for a "dog kennel" (puppy mill) to operate in Belle Prairie Township in Morrison county, Minnesota. The sheer proposed size (600 ADULT dogs) of this facility makes it hard to believe that these animals will get anything close to normal care and attention.

I do realize that the Minnesota Senate (or House of Representatives) has to deal with many weighty issues on a daily basis, but I would be much more proud to live in a state incapable of tolerating this form of cruelty.

It is my hope that someone with a lot of internet knowledge will set up one of those pages that can be easily passed from dog lover to dog lover and make sending messages to all senators and representatives, county commissioners and city officials easy. There are many special interest blocs operating in our state. I believe one made up of animal lovers would be formidable.

Please consider supporting any movement to prohibit this kind of torture factory in our state!

Thank you,
[Her name]
[Her address]
[Her email]

Any voices calling for humane treatment of animals is a help.