Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sweet as Chocolate

Diana posted about an incident at her household involving massage oil, a spill, and a suspect. It reminded me of a story and I shared it in her comments. I thought I might like to share it here.

This is Chip, aka Chocolate Chip, aka Chip Brooks Ever, aka Stomach on Legs, aka Annoying Goofball:


He looks sweet and innocent, doesn't he?

Actually, he usually is. Chip is one of the most kind-hearted animals I've ever known. He is extremely polite and always followed Taco around, knowing Taco was the big brother and ultimately knew everything. Chip is cautious around anything new; you can see the gears turning in his head as he analyzes what he's faced with.

This is also Chip. His coloring changed quite a bit as he grew up and now my mom refers to him as her, "Little Blonde Boy."


And I wish I had a picture of what I'm about to share.

My mom has dentures. My dad does too, but my mom got her dentures later in life and Chip was quite interested in them. She had them out while she was sleeping during the first year of having them. They were in a glass on the bedside table. She got ready in the morning, waiting to put them in until after her shower and once her hair was done.

Chip found them. And he was fascinated by them! She wandered into the hallway to find him happily chewing away at the teeth! There was Chip with a happy double grin.

The dentist, while fixing the problem, let my mom know this is a common thing to happen with dentures. Dogs are attracted to the smell of the mold used to hold the teeth in and will happily chomp away.

Lesson learned: If you get dentures, make sure the dog can't get near them!