Thursday, February 16, 2006

Impulse Purchasing Again

Apple may have hit the ultimate jackpot with music/book/television junkies. Instead of spending my money on fruitful purchases (like Powerball tickets - hey, 300 million? Is that right?), I ended up surfing iTunes again.

Why do I do this? Oh, because I love music. Hee hee!

Tonight I was thinking about Neil Diamond. Now I hav 5 new songs (America, I'm a Believer, Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, Holly Holy, and Forever in Blue Jeans).

My old boss mentioned the band, Scissor Sisters. So I bought one of their songs (why? I don't know.)

Then I ended up surfing albums. I bought two more Cowboy Mouth albums, an acoustic album of another artist, two comedy albums, an audio book, and a William Shatner album! Ahhhhhh! It is too easy to click!

On a different note, I had another great day at work. I was able to get much accomplished and met with 5 bankers for at least an hour each. I ran out of time and forgot to take my lunch break. Oops!

And I want to watch Conan O'Brien but I can't. You know why? Because of the Olympics. I forgot that the Olympics change late night television. Oh well, back to normal of not watching anything.