Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Beta Baby!

I've been awaiting Blogger to offer the Beta version to me and finally this weekend, it happened. It appears DM's site is switched now too. Yea! The part that I've wanted is the ability to add labels to posts.

For those who use Bloglines (or some type of RSS feed), I apologize for all the updated posts showing up. I'm obsessive compulsive and feel the need to update all the old posts. All 1000+ of them. The scary part is the fact that I'm reading some of these old posts and groaning. Oh well.

I went to karaoke by myself on Sunday. Actually sang too. Interesting. But I finished my book (and lent it to Liz) and wrote up most of another post of memories about Andriy. It's a need I have to fulfill.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm thinking about certain bloggers this weekend and sending warm thoughts.