Monday, December 18, 2006

Moderation is the Key

It is habit that makes me head to the Chalet on Sundays even when DM cannot make it. Liz had mentioned that she would arrive early if DM was still sick (which she is - Dana, go to the doctor. Get better now. You need to.) Well, it turned out tonight was the annual Christmas party for some group in Saint Paul (I think police?) and Bryan was hosting karaoke somewhere other than the Chalet. But! The good news? Angie Ang was hosting. So I went anyway.

When I arrived, a few of Angie's other friends invited me to their table and I sat with Tom, Josh, and Amy. Sara arrived shortly. Soon, we managed to adopt McKenzie.

It is unique to be the only sober person at a table. It's one thing when people have a tolerance and are not completely gone, but I was the only person without any liquor in my system. Sara was happy, Tom, Josh, and Amy were all enjoying themselves, and McKenzie started happy, went to blabbering, and then to sleepy. I felt a bit bad for her as she quickly went from having fun to sleeping at the table. Luckily, she had some good friends in the back of the bar who took her home and made sure she was safe.

There are a few pictures. Nothing much, but just an update. And maybe DM can feel like she was there a little?

Sara and Amy singing"Sweet Child 'O Mine". Tami and McKenzie dancing.

Karaoke (1)
Angie holding the dancers' beers

Karaoke (2)
Tom and Tami

Karaoke (4)
Sara singing (dancing) backup for Cory (a guy who was there with his uncle a few weeks ago)

The Chalet is closed next Sunday, but I'll be going on Thursday and hope DM feels better by then.