Saturday, December 23, 2006


As you may have noticed, I have a new template. I wanted to play with Blogger Beta's new features and I'm not overly happy with everything here. Besides losing the banner at the top (which I still want!), I have also discovered a problem with Haloscan and the new Blogger that is being worked on by the people at Haloscan. Until then, it is back to Blogger comments.

Bah! Not overly happy with this template, expect changes. It should, however; work at any screen size. Any suggestions?

*Update - I was able to add a banner - quite simple in fact. All I had to do was put the Flickr link in the box on the template. Very simple.

**Update - Haloscan is back!

Teri said: No suggestions - and rat-bastard blogger won't let me switch, and I am totally josenin' for the ability to do the categories thing! I've long suspected that my customized template was a big reason blogger wouldn't let me switch...

CarpeDM said: I thought about switching but then I panicked when I couldn't get my banner in there. Fortunately it lets you switch back. Thank goodness. Hope you work it out soon, I learn from you! Hee! There's a Q

Lioness said: I like the wave, it always reminds me of our day - er, hours - on the beach. And yes please, once you figure it out, share the lurve!

Frustrated Writer said: I am glad I can comment now. It was so frustrating before when it wouldn't allow comments.