Sunday, December 24, 2006

What Christmas Means To Me

As Christmas Eve is upon us and the presents are all wrapped, ready to deliver to my mom's tomorrow, I sit and reflect upon the day. Subtract all the hectic shopping, the crass over decorating, and the politically correct way of saying, "Happy Holidays," because we're all afraid of offending another's religion, I do love the holiday. Christmas is not a religious holiday for my family, we have never been devout anything, church/mass is not a tradition we will participate in. But it is a time of family, friends, and being with those we love. Tonight, I will visit my dad and enjoy a quiet evening with him. Later, I will most likely hook up with Char and Tom to give gifts. Tomorrow will be simple; a visit to my mom's where my dad will join her, her boyfriend, and I for gift giving. She is making Swedish pancakes for dinner (a crepe style pancake that we put butter and jelly on, then roll and cover with syrup), one of my favorite dishes ever. The pets will sniff all the presents and run around as everyone opens them.

My parents are divorced but still friends. They still get together for this holiday and we have an easy afternoon of conversation. Talking with my parents tomorrow afternoon will remind me of their intellects and I know I'll learn something new again. Maybe we'll play cards after the presents and food are done. My camera will get a work out (must remember to put spare batteries in my purse). We'll listen to Christmas music, most likely the CD I made last year that holds the songs that our family remembers from years ago. We'll talk about extended family, catching up on all the news that arrived via Christmas cards.

I'll remember Christmases past, such as when Taco and Chip sat under the tree begging to open their presents (see picture below), such as when I was little and my great-grandmother was able to come to Christmas in Iowa and we'd all tease her by singing "These Three Kings," her least favorite carol ever. I'll also reflect upon the Christmas Miracle that our family felt years ago. (Update, he has gone back on the list.)

And in my Christmas fashion, I'll sleep late. Ever since I was a small child, I always slept in on Christmas. Unusual, yes, but logic always told me that the presents would still be there later in the afternoon. Usually the kids wake the parents up early on Christmas morning, but not in our home. Mom would usually send Taco in about noon to wake me, saying, "Would you get up already?"

I wish everyone a happy and memorable holiday. For those with kids, I hope that they have a magical Christmas and smiles are shared all day long. I hope everyone takes a moment to enjoy the season and not get wrapped up in the hectic moments. Merry Christmas!

Can We Open this One Please
Joe in Vegas said: And a Happy Christmas to you too! May you get things you like tomorrow.
CarpeDM said: Merry Christmas, Beth! I hope you have a great time at your mom's. I'm at Kari's right now, trying to convince her to let me go home (not working very well), watching Josh "help" Mommy put together a shelving unit and play with the drum I got him. Love you!

Mother of Invention said: You have the right idea about Christmas and it means family and friends for me also. it just makes all of us feel so close. I'll check that miracle soon.
Mother of Invention said: Wow! What a story and how brave and positive Chris is. He must really cherish all the times when he's feeling good. Thanks for that.
Lioness said: Oh my God, how cute they look!