Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Little Things

Walking carefully to not slide on the ice, Steve and I returned from lunch talking about music. I made a CD for my car the other night - new songs that are just good to drive to. There's an array of various genres, eras, and explicit content.

As we were walking in, I asked Steve if he had ever heard of a song by The Offspring called, "Bad Habit." This song is about road rage and does include a chunk of curse words. When I mentioned the song, Steve rattled off the curse words and then!! followed up with an air drum solo.

This was extremely funny to me. I laughed the entire way into the building with Steve looking at me, a giggling idiot, thinking I was crazy. 'Sure, air drum solos are a bit silly, but what is with her?' I'm sure this is what he was thinking. But since he knows me better than to think I'm a complete raving lunatic, he finally asked, "What is so funny?"

He reminded me of Andriy. I know this song because of Andriy. He explained to me once that this song is where he learned many of the American swear words, chanting this little part of the song and finished it up with an air drum solo.

There are many little moments, little things, little reminders that pop up throughout my days that remind me of him. This was one of those moments.