Friday, December 02, 2005

An annoyance...

I'm feeling better and I'm thinking I'll be able to return to work tomorrow. This is good. I have been able to eat and I have more energy and all is great.

I'm also going stir crazy now. I decided it was time to completely organize my room. Since I only sleep in there, I rarely spend time making sure all the laundry is put away, etc. In the interest of Fung Shui (no clue on the spelling), I decided it was time to clean up.

As I was cleaning, I turned on the television since it is late and blaring my alarm clock would not be suitable for the neighbors. I have two spare DVD players (one that may or may not work) and a VCR, but do I hook any of them up? No. Instead I end up watching The Tonight Show on a rerun.

Lindsay Lohan is on the television and the crowd is all military. Jay Leno notices that she is partial to the Air Force and asks her why. She replies, "Oh, you know. Top Gun."

I am not a fan of the movie or Tom Cruise, but I do know that Top Gun is not about the Air Force. It was a Naval Flying School that the characters were attending. This annoyed me.

In other news, I found out today that my cousin, who is a Marine, was just shipped to Iraq. He is not in the green zone and has no way to contact home. This is a cousin that I never got along with when we were children, but his time with the Marines has proved he can be honorable and mature. I hope the best for him and will probably try to send a note over the email service my mom mentioned once we get an address.

Okay, time to get back to cleaning and then go to bed!